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The Beginning

We could start this story at the very beginning - with Marie Dough, the person who to this day won't share her recipe with us, but comes in every Friday for our best slice - but instead, we'll start with Jane Dough, who's mother thought her name would be a hilarious joke and also taught her everything she knows. 

And for about 35 years of Jane Dough's life, that was enough. Until she realized that she could share her pizza with the world at large (well, Manhattan, at least) and knew that it was her holy duty to do so.

The Middle

Jane Dough never planned on going into food, but her lawyer lifestyle lost it's appeal after about five years; burnt out, frustrated, but living large, Jane decided to take the plunge and finally do what her family had jokingly told her to do for years - open the best pizza shop in NYC. 

Best decision ever.

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The Now

Five years later, we're climbing the ranks and you can see us featured in Eater, Thrillist, and even the rare Bon Appétit instagram shoutout. We know, we're very impressive. 

Our greatest joy is still making the city's best pizza, and it now features some experimentation, a dash of community and local support, and maintaining that chill vibe that we started with. So we hope you come by and check us out - either for a slice, a beer, or a whole damn pie.